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An animal protection group in Chiba, Japan


It is run by over 250 volunteer members based in areas around Tokyo since 2002. They are strongly against unethical breeding, promote spaying and neutering and hope to have a ‘no-kill’ society. Over 5,000 dogs and cats have been rescued by Chibawan from public ‘high kill’ shelters and puppy mills. They find foster homes for their rescued pets. Chibawan does not own a building to house the shelter so, all their rescued dogs and cats are fostered by members in their own homes.

Minashigo Dogs and Cats Rescue

A non-profit organization based in Hiroshima and active in Tochigi, Japan


Their ‘lifelong breeding’ philosophy with members includes veterinary advice from vets with immense professional knowledge.

Yuri Nakatani is a representative of "Minashigo" (Orphans) who started taking care of stray cats in 1990. Her activity spread out and Minashigo Dogs and Cats Rescue was established as an NPO in 2005. The  ‘lifelong breeding home’ was built in 2007. Minashigo saved and transported 1,400 animals from the 20 kilometer ‘red zone’ around Fukushima’s nuclear plants. They cooperate with Hiroshima city and have been saving all cats and dogs from being killed at the public shelter since 2013. Currently, about 1,300 dogs and cats are being given shelter and care at their facilities in Hiroshima and Tochigi.

There are many Japanese organizations working against the clock to save unwanted pets from ending up in the gas chambers, and also the ones left behind due to the Fukushima Nuclear Accidents in 2011. However, we don't have any big organizations in Japan, such as the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Cats Protection etc. Almost all the small organizations are working on their own, that is why we wanted to introduce the British animal welfare system to the Japanese on this website. For the Japanese animal welfare system, please read "About Us" page too.

Having said that, we would like to introduce two amazing Japanese organizations whose works were filmed in "Dogs Without Names". You can see this film both in London and Hertford in the UK in May 2017. Please don't miss it!

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